About Mush, Baby

Mushbaby is an ordinary dog-owner-turned-recreational-urban musher who fell in love with an Alaskan husky, had to learn how to mush, and just wanted to document the trials and tribulations of learning what to do with all of these harnesses, tug lines, neck lines, snaps, noodles, helmets, booties, skis, scooters, Gees, and Haws… and just maybe help some other novices along the way.

The current Mush Puppies are Squash (the Alaskan husky who started it all), Maisy (the hound mix who keeps us going), and Aspen (Squash’s littermate brother who joined us in 2017).

Past Mush Puppies are Pip, who passed away in July 2017 (the fuzzy non-musher who kept us all in line), and Toast (the mushinois who is now happier in an IPO home).





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