Maisy is a nine year old mix whose meteoric rise to becoming a vital member of my little team has been an exercise in serendipity. I started taking her on walks and canicrossing alongside a young, lukewarm Squash simply hoping that her incorrigible leash-pulling would help teach him to get out and stay in front in harness, a successful exercise which also unlocked her inner lead dog. Her natural drive, focus, love of pulling, and incredible talent have been invaluable in helping me train Squash and keeping this whole thing going, and I really don’t know what I would do without her.

In the fall of 2014, Maisy tore her right cranial cruciate ligament; in the summer of 2017 she tore her left cranial cruciate ligament.  But after surgery and rehabilitation both times, she is back to mushing normally like nothing ever happened.

When not mushing, Maisy enjoys napping on the couch, free play in the backyard, squirrel patrol, and being adored by her human minions.  She was happy to learn that Aspen likes to play tug almost as much as she does.


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