Sir, Yes Sir!

Maybe you can’t tell by my cool demeanor, but I am super excited right now. Thanks to Jessica of Blue Eyes and Spitfire Racing Team fame (LOOK TO YOUR RIGHT), I have recently become aware of the existence of Mushing Boot Camp. Seriously, mushing boot camp, where I’m hoping the dogs and I will molt from mush babies to mush pupae.  Sure, I shall have to sacrifice some summer camping trips, but… MUSHING BOOT CAMP FOR GOD’S SAKE. It’s worth it. If only to spend several days around people who don’t find it weird to be so excited about such a thing. Plus, I can camp while I’m there if I want to, anyway.

Check it out:


So when last we met, Squash feet were being rested due to some wear. In retrospect, I don’t think the picture was all that illustrative because I zoomed out too much in my crop, so I’m reposting it a bit more zoomed in.

Again, he wasn’t hurt or anything, but those little pink circles the arrows are pointing could have lead to problems if I’d ignored them. I’d planned to take a week off but we ended up not scootering for almost 2 weeks — due to real life constraints rather than his feet, although his feet benefitted.

The way this is in the shade, and his pads are a little wet, is kind of reminiscent of late night wrinkle creme “before and after” pictures where someone is frowning and glaring in their before picture and sunshine and roses in their after picture. But, still, you can see those nice smooth uniform pads and the pink circles are gone. BANISHED.

So here are the kind of surfaces we’re sticking to, except for connecting segments of paved trails:

I realize it doesn’t take 3 pictures to make my point here, but I just love how I caught Maisy in pretty much the exact same posture in both of the following two pictures. I also love how Squash can trot while she’s running.



For the Pip fans: Now that I’ve resolved some contract negotiations with my own feet, I hope to get back to doing some more canicross in the coming weeks. So he should be making some appearances here.

Until then, this is how he spends his time. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday.


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