Stuck in the Polar Vortex With You

So, it’s been awhile. We’ve been skijoring here and there as the weather has allowed, but unfortunately it didn’t as much or more than it did. Like most of the country, we were stuck with temperatures that made it downright unsafe to do much of anything outdoors. One of the disadvantages to skijoring with non-traditional breeds is that their shorty coats keep us indoors on days that would be doable for a husky or malamute, but oh well.

Keeping these dogs from losing their minds while we’ve all been stuck indoors so much has been an adventure unto itself. We’ve been doing a lot of training tricks. We got an exercise peanut and have been doing a lot of work with that. Along with lots chewing material and a few things I allowed them to shred as sacrifices on the altar of my sanity (including whole rolls of paper towels and one pillow – don’t judge me, you weren’t here to experience my desperation), we made it through.

We did get out a few days before the vortex hit, and there were some odd random warm days peppered throughout it when we were able to get out there. This is a trail I’ve just started using this year which I quite like. It’s a bit narrow in places but on weekday mornings (my prime skijoring time) there’s rarely anyone else there. Also, there are amazing trumpeter swans and bald eagles at points along the river to see and hear.

Nice Line Out.

Love this nice long straightaway.

I even got Squash once out by himself when it was still just a wee bit too cold for Maisy “Chilly Buns and Feet.”

And yes, it actually was a bit scary, but in that roller coaster sort of way that you either love or completely don’t understand.

Today was the first day we got out since I think January 4th or so. The weekend was pretty warm, but since the dogs hadn’t been out for awhile I knew they would be a little bananas, so I opted to wait until I knew there wouldn’t be many people around – eg Monday morning. As expected, the early part of the run was a disaster as even Maisy seemed to completely forget what ON BY and LET’S GO mean.

But we worked out the kinks pretty fast.

And then once you get into a groove and you forget about all the heavy sighing and eye rolling you did like a half an hour before this because you’re in heaven.

Our first race is coming up the first weekend in February, the City of Lakes Loppet. So I’ll have to get Squash out by himself more between now and then in preparation, but the weather is cooperating and the craziness of the holidays is over so I’d like to get out at least 3 times a week (once with just Squash) consistently for the rest of the month. So hopefully I’ll be posting updates in a bit more timely manner!

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3 Responses to Stuck in the Polar Vortex With You

  1. GWEN says:


  2. sdrranger says:

    We were just introduced to the peanut ball in last week’s obedience class. All Ranger could manage was to kind of lay on it, but he didn’t seem fazed.

    I watch your amazing dogs skijoring with you and I CANNOT wait to get Ranger out and practicing.

  3. mushbaby says:

    Gwen, Squash loves pretty much everything lol.

    sdrranger, you will have so much fun. 🙂

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