There is a Season…

It’s been a long, cold winter… but far from lonely. In fact, at times there has been juuuust a little too much polar vortex-induced togetherness for my mental health. Nonetheless, as everyone else seems to be rejoicing at the warmer temperatures starting move into town (with their implication that this winter may at some point come to an end) I’m a little sad to see the beginning of the end of the skijoring season written on the wall.

So now begins the rush to fit in as much skijoring as possible before the snow is gone enough that we can’t ski anymore, when we’ll enter a weird limbo when it’s too icy and muddy to start scootering yet and can pretty much only canicross.


In other news, thanks to some simple interventions (primarily pain and anti-nausea medications), Julius is still with us. He’s hanging in there longer than we expected based on his diagnosis, and his days are still good days. It’s very bittersweet, but we’re grateful for the extra time with him that his medications are buying us.



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