Scooter 2014 Debut

My dogs are blessed with tough feet; still, I don’t normally like to start them out on pavement first thing in the spring. But the dirt trails are stubbornly refusing to ice out and today I just couldn’t stand it anymore and I don’t think they could either given that it’s now April 6th.

We didn’t go very far and we didn’t go very fast, and we took several breaks. After a shaky start I was pleased with how well they did considering they haven’t been in front of the scooter in months and it’s been weeks since we’ve been skiing. And I’ve just been letting them enjoy their “sniff walks” after a good skijor season without working too much on commands.

These lovely dogs are waiting nicely (if impatiently, in Squash’s case) to get going:

Jolly Maisy… she does love her scooter.

Some nice teamwork…


And a little distraction… always grateful for the help of my Enforcer

Another nice line out, after a break.

Happy dogs after a run


I was trying to get some nice pictures of us all at the end and they just wanted smooches.


I’m going to try to record all our mileage this dryland season so I can look back and see how far we traveled all told.

Sunday, April 6th: 1 mile

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1 Response to Scooter 2014 Debut

  1. sdrranger says:

    Jealous you’re out on your scooter. I’m really tempted to purchase mine earlier than expected…I think the current foster dog would do well with a job.

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