On the Mend

Well both the MPs have both been improving, and both saw the chiropractor today. As expected, Maisy needed some adjustments in her lower back and Squash needed some adjustments in his neck. They’ve been sleeping off and on since we’ve gotten home, but overall have been pretty chipper and more like themselves. I didn’t really realize how much Maisy was just lying around doing nothing until she resumed her normal “You’re going to the bathroom/ kitchen/ shifting slightly on the couch? I’d better get up and help you!”

And Squash is back to his default attention getting behavior, fooling around with the stool we play perch work with:


I’m going to rest them a little longer, then start them back out in harness just on foot (technically canicross I guess except I won’t be running) at first before I ease them back in front of the scooter and work up their conditioning again. We’ll have to build back up to where we left off, but the important thing is that they are both feeling better and will be fine.

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