Fall Update

I’ve been pretty neglectful of the blog while I’ve been raising and training a Toast, among other things. I do try to post pictures regularly on our Facebook page (Mush Puppies) in case anyone missed us too much.

Toast is taking short runs a couple of times a week. He tends to live up to Maisy’s expectations and down to Squash’s but overall is a solid mushing dog with a lot of strength, smarts, and drive. In between runs we are dabbling in tricks, disc (don’t worry, no fancy/big jumps on the menu at this stage), rally, and strength/ balance/ conditioning exercises.

Here are a few videos from today. I’m quite proud of this first one because as you can imagine this maneuver can be a real cluster if poorly executed:

I was going to title this video ON BY FAIL but then I realized that I never actually said “on by.” So technically they did exactly what I asked – EASYed up to the tree. Whereupon I dropped the handlebars but came away with only a single bruise which is not bad when the scooter is on the ground, sideways, and moving.

Here’s a nice recovery from that. Such good boys.

And here’s what happens when two tall boys go fast.

That’s all for today! Now that Toast is almost a year old and the weather is solidly cool, we should have updates more often.

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