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Basic Training

I can be kind of absent-minded. So although when I was planning yesterday’s post talking about getting back to basics I had really intended to shoot some short videos for visual aids, as usual I hadn’t checked the camera battery … Continue reading

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The Winter that Wasn’t: Back to Basics

So this wasn’t how I imagined my winter of 2011-2012 would be. I was pretty damn sure I’d be on skis by now, if not behind a dog yet at least by myself getting my ski legs back under me. … Continue reading

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The thrill of victory, and the agony of… not victory.

It’s easy to make yourself look awesome on the internet. You can pick and choose who you interact with, ignore, friend, or unfriend; what information, interests, stories, and opinions you share (possibly overshare) or keep to yourself; what pictures and … Continue reading

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Getting Started, Part 1

When last we stepped out of the Wayback Machine, Squash had just joined our household. But the groundwork for our future together attached by a giant bungee against a backdrop of snow was being laid weeks before he actually came … Continue reading

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