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Forgetfulness and Laziness: Parents of (my) Invention

Recently my husband and I took the mushvan for a short road trip, an opportunity I used to clean it out very thoroughly which meant temporarily moving all the gear onto the back porch. Usually if I forget to put … Continue reading

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Big White Mood Ring

So, Squash and I had a pretty mediocre run today. And It was pretty much all my fault. As I was taking the scooter out of the car, I dropped it. The scooter is fine, it would take a lot … Continue reading

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What I Like Wednesday: Microspikes

I’m just slipping in under the Wednesday wire here, but cani-hiking in early spring in Minnesota reminds me of how dangerously icy the world can be. This time of year it tends to warm up to slush-level temperatures during the … Continue reading

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What I Like Wednesday: Collar Tags

I like stuff. Well, I like the stuff I like. And if I like it then someone else out there might like it, too… so I thought I might talk about some of it. Equipment, books, training tips, places, and … Continue reading

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Oh, Summer

Oh, summer. Between the awful heat wave, being on vacation, covering other people’s vacations, Squash’s PT and chiropractic appointments, and all the usual business of ordinary day to day life, we’ve barely done any scootering for several weeks. It’s becoming … Continue reading

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Sure, I’ve tripped over stuff before. You people have SEEN me trip over my own skis, patches or ice, or detritus on the trail. Occasionally it’s dog toys laying around the house, and once or twice over a cat I … Continue reading

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Continuums and Musical Tugs

When I first started mushing, I had this picture in my head of how it would go: We would start training and then at some point POOF my dogs, along with every single moment of every run, would be utter … Continue reading

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