Good Night, Pesky Straps

Every once in awhile I peruse the list of search terms that bring people here to Mush, Baby! A lot of them make sense, and I’m actually quite glad to see things like how do I hook up my dog to a scooter or how to use pvc in bikejoring? Those ones make me feel like maybe some other mush baby might have actually learned something helpful here.

Several of them don’t immediately appear to make sense, but I can recreate the circuitous route that might bring i have a blackish bruise on my right side below my armpit and im not sure how i got it and their fellow bruise-related searchers here (my spectacular scooter injury-related bruise last year).

I think my favorite in the “was probably looking for porn” category is big strong hips. But poor current events about babies in april 2012. I’m sure this wasn’t what they were expecting at all.

And then there’s stuff like… alone. Or squirrel. On the whole wide internet, this blog came up high enough on a search for “squirrel” to earn a click? I figure that searcher must have had their SafeSearch set to 11.

In the “a bit mysterious” category, we find arrows pointing at a circle and mud sweatpants.

And finally, because of this list my husband has started calling me Pesky Straps.  But I guess it’s better than A Free Baby Wheel or Leg Whip.

Search Views
mushbaby 35
mush baby 19
scooter noodle 9
mushbaby.wordpress 5
safety first sign 3 3
canicross with women 3
black ice puppy harness 3
dog scootering equipment 3
shockline mushing 3
scooter joring 2
infront of dog sled settup 2
ganglines, towline, tugline, neckline 2
gangline 3 dog setup 2
myoshbaby 2
skijor now 2-dog towline 2
dogs cut a slice of his pad 2
mushbaby wordpress 2
dog joring noodle 2
barkie birkie 2013 2
painful bruise on leg for no reason 2
dog scootering 2
i have a blackish bruise on my right side below my armpit and im not sure how i got it 2
alpine outfitters scooter noodle 2
baby mush 2
gorilla pod on dog harness 2
leg whip 2
pesky straps 2 2
mushbaby story 1
mush me baby 1
getting started with wayback 1
mush mush baby 1
current events about babies in april 2012 1
a free baby wheel 1
skijor harness lead 1
canicross 1
mushing bloopers 1
snow baby mush 1
mushbabay 1
how to make a gangline for dog sledding 1
urban mushing equipment 1
big strong hips 1
how do i hook up my dog to a scooter 1
i’ll be shouting “mush”… 1
squirrel 1
bruise with white center 1
how to make a bungee section in a gang line 1
mushbaby wordprees 1
arrows pointing at a circle 1
mush pip 1
siesta slackline 1
dog with water bowl in shade 1
mushbabby 1
gush puppy parlor 1
birkie 2013 after race party 1
barkie birkie videos 2013 1
urban mushing commands for dogs 1
barkie berkie 2013 1
barkiebirkie2013 1
skijor 1
bikejoring materiaal maken 1
muonshbaby 1
how to use pvc in bikejoring? 1
alone 1
canicross bikejoring 1
barkie birkie 1
four dog team setup 1
gangline team 1
leader neck line 1
i love u cuz i love u mushbaby 1
running vs canicross 1
mew school mushbaby 1
cyberchaff 1
the scooter noodle 1
mud sweatpants 1
4 dog gangline 1
mush baby. 1
skijor loppet 2013 1
bruise clear center 1
Unknown search terms 50

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