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A Brief Intermission

When Squash was wee and in his first obedience class, we learned the name game thusly: Say his name; if necessary, move closer and say his name again; if still necessary, lightly touch him while saying his name again; mark/reward … Continue reading

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Good Night, Pesky Straps

Every once in awhile I peruse the list of search terms that bring people here to Mush, Baby! A lot of them make sense, and I’m actually quite glad to see things like how do I hook up my dog … Continue reading

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Unanticipated Incidents Not in the Script

After my abysmally disappointing, unfocused attempts at getting race videos at the Loppet and Barkie Birkie, I broke down and bought a GoPro camera. I used it for the first time today, and it’s safe to say that I’m as … Continue reading

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A Brief Segment Containing Embarrassing and/or Humorous Errors

That is, Bloopers. In Which “Line Out” Practice Fails In Which Squash is Overcome by Silliness In Which “On By!” Is Ignored In Which “Come Around” is Flubbed but Ultimately Redeemed

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