Hot Ham Water

Squash had his first official session on the underwater treadmill today (last week at his initial consultation he spent just a short time in/on it to see how he would do). Par for the Squash Course, he started out with his usual easy/ cooperative/ trusting/willing to try anything attitude and ended up apparently delighted by this fabulous new life experience even though it was a bit strange. He also spent a fair amount of energy flirting and hamming it up with various staff members. My boy.

Because an underwater treadmill for dogs is not something you encounter every day, I thought it might be nifty to share a little video. The whole session was about 20 minutes altogether of varying intervals of relatively low speeds (2 miles/hour was his maximum speed today). The speeds will increase as his conditioning increases. He’ll be on the treadmill about once a week for at least 8 weeks, then we’ll decide where to go from there. In between, we’re doing all his core worth/ strengthening/ stretching exercises which he generally seems to treat as just another one of life’s fun games.

Anyway, here he is. I love how he starts out by splashing around in the water.

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