Summer Break

Inevitably, it seems, the weather gets involved in my best laid mushing plans. After a busy May, June was filled with lots and lots of rain. When it wasn’t drizzling, it was pouring. When we didn’t have showers, we had thunderstorms. And we had quite a spectacular windstorm that did stuff like this to my neighborhood:

Then just when it got done raining, some really hot, humid weather rolled in and we all laid around draped over furniture like wilted celery for awhile. So there hasn’t been a lot to talk about lately.

But nothing lasts forever, so yesterday dawned… well, overcast. But cool and not raining and so we headed out for a much-missed, well-needed run. It turns out that a couple of weeks off (and probably the PT as well) did my Mush Puppies some good, they had spring in their steps and we had a really good run although large parts of our usual trails were flooded out. thusly:

The last time we had gone scootering, I had just had the idea to lure Squash back into the tight tug club by swapping out his slightly longer line for Maisy’s slightly shorter line, but we’d really only had one run to try it. Yesterday it seemed to work quite well. Maisy ends up with a little slack in her line from time to time, but I think it’s because she’s consciously or unconsciously maintaining their relative positions she’s used to. When I notice it and brake to take up her slack, she seems to “get it” and adjusts to keep her line tight.

This video is towards the middle of the run and I’m happy with how they are mostly keeping even tension on their respective tugs.

And a few pictures.



Squash’s ON BY continues to improve as well. Here my social butterfly gets back to work relatively quickly and easily although he really wants to head off those walkers and/or follow the bicyclists:

And finally, I just like this picture… our water/grazing break turned into a weight pull when Squash somehow determined that the patch of grass OVER THERE was much more delicious than the patch of grass right next to him.


It’s supposed to be relatively nice for awhile, so hopefully we’ll get more runs in. But traditionally the summer is very on-again, off-again for both our scootering and my posting, so who knows? If you’re missing us, just think about this ridiculous picture of the Mush Puppies watching me read on the front porch and rest assured that we’re enjoying our summer even if I’m not talking about it very much:


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2 Responses to Summer Break

  1. Sam Tatters says:

    That last photo is so cute!

  2. mushbaby says:

    Thank you! They are a couple of characters, that’s for sure.

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