And So it Begins

Although we scooter on and off over the summer, we don’t really train with a capital T. I try to get out often enough to get the MPs some exercise and prevent them from totally forgetting their commands, but although this summer was unusually cool as a whole it’s just too hot and too humid too much of the time to be able to count on getting regular runs in or making any kind of progression. Squash has continued working on the underwater treadmill and I’m really happy with his physical condition and stamina right now. (His last session of the season is tomorrow, though we’ll probably resume next summer to keep him in shape once scootering is reduced to an on and off activity again. Unlike Maisy, who seems to stay in good shape no matter what, he really needs to be worked to stay in shape.)

So on this fine, cool October morning I decided (somewhat arbitrarily, since we went scootering a couple of days ago and earlier last week as well) that as of today we have officially started fall training. And I thought this year I’d actually try to keep track of how far we go on each run and make a concerted effort to increase our distance over the season. I’m not so much interested in time, although I might record it from time to time as a curiosity. We’ll see how good of a job I do at keeping track and recording runs moving forward, but as of today at least I will be 100%.

Sunday October 6th: 2.15 miles on the scooter, cloudy/cool conditions, one water break. Notably, the dogs successfully passed several walkers/joggers without breaking stride.


My mother-in-law has been in town and she asked to watch us scootering, so she and my husband were taking pictures. I quite like this one, as the dogs very successfully (except for the temptation clearly sketched on Squash’s face) went ON BY them.


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