The Great Pip Experiment, Again

If we’re going to keep playing at this, I’m going to have to get Pip a harness that fits him.


Be that as it may, we were fooling around in the alley again today. One thing I was pleased to see is how quickly Pip overcame his neckline-induced woe with just a little coaxing, as demonstrated here (with apologies for how ridiculously shaky the video is; the GoPro’s battery is dead and I had to use a different camera on the GorillaPod on the handlebars):

And after several trips up and down the alley they got into a fairly nice little rhythm. Pip didn’t have a snug tugline most of the time, but he was keeping pace for the most part and that’s fine with me for now (and maybe forever).

I still haven’t decided how serious I am about actually adding Pip to the team vs just playing around in the alley. I think at some point I will have to take Pip and Maisy to the park and see how he does where we can get some distance and speed going, then if that goes decently try the 3 dogs together (and now I’m thinking more like Maisy in lead and Pip & Squash in wheel if it ever comes to that). But I’m not in any hurry and if it never works out, oh well… except wouldn’t it be lovely to see that fuzzy plume of a tail regularly in front of the scooter?

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