Monday, Monday

Had a nice, crisp (read: cold) run today; added a little distance. We started out a little rocky with a LOT of apparently delicious trailside odors, but once we got that sorted out the MPs did great. Of course, I wasn’t filming when we came around a bend to find ourselves face to face with someone walking two dogs; it’s my usual custom to pull the scooter all the way over to the other side of the trail/road and hang on to the lines until people with dogs walk by, but after I moved over the MPs just started trotting off in the direction we were going so I went with it. Maisy can be reactive to other dogs, especially when she has Squash as her backup, so this casual and uneventful encounter was actually quite momentous.


Monday, October 28th: 3.8 miles, sunny/cold conditions.

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