Back to the Grind

I gave the dogs the week off, since they worked so hard last week I figured they needed a vacation from our vacation and they definitely spent some time resting up. But by this morning they were back to their “why yes we are dogs who need a lot of exercise regularly if you value your possessions” selves so back to the grindstone with our noses.

I didn’t bring any cameras, so no pictures today. Mostly because I forgot but I’m kind of glad I did. Sometimes when I have the camera I’m thinking more about taking pictures than just enjoying the ride. We got a LOT of ON BY practice today thanks to deer, turkeys, rabbits, squirrels, other dogs, other people, and geese. So many geese. And it reminded me once again how grateful I am to have Maisy involved in all this business. I’m not sure how far I would have made it in this sport (literally and figuratively) without her helping me keep Squash ON BY. She really is just an amazing dog with such a natural talent. I’m not sure how her sled dog heart and brain ended up in this little houndy body but there you go.

Friday, November 15th: 3.25 miles, sunny/cool conditions.

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