Cold Snap Scootering: Not Unique

We always get a lot of friendly interest when we’re out scootering. Today a nice young man asked me if what we do is unique, and as I always do I relish the chance to explain that this is a “real” sport. It makes me feel like part of something wonderful to talk about the sport as a whole, even if I’m just a little two-dog mushbaby.

My schedule wasn’t very cooperative in the last week or so, so this was the first time in almost a week we got out. This was only our third run of the season, and I feel like I’m starting to get my scooter legs back under me again. There’s always a re-learning curve to getting comfortable going from skis to scooter and scooter to skis; by the end of the season the scooter will feel like an appendage of my body but for now I’m still a little bit awkward.


It was chilly this morning, in the 30s, but it’s amazing how much warmer 30 feels when there isn’t any snow on the ground and the sun is out. The cooler weather also puts a spring in the dogs’ step, and I’ve been pretty happy with their work ethic and focus. I guess by “their” I really mean “Squash’s,” because he’s noticeably more mature going into this year’s dryland season compared to last year. The deer and turkeys have disappeared en masse, they must have all secreted away to remote corners of the park to have babies or something, so we haven’t had any serious ON BY challenges but there are always plenty of trees to sniff and pee on. He’s not perfect, but he’s doing very well.


I’ve been playing with the GoPro a lot.


Over the winter I tried out a new trail for skijoring (the one with the swans), and I’m excited to try it out for scootering. It’s unpaved throughout its distance and I don’t anticipate any gravel, so it should be nice and easy on their feet.


Monday, April 14th: 2.0 miles (cumulative 4.5 miles)

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2 Responses to Cold Snap Scootering: Not Unique

  1. sdrranger says:

    Just looking at your pictures makes me excited for my scooter to arrive. A friend of mine was suggesting a go pro once I’ve had a little experience with the scooter.

  2. mushbaby says:

    I love my GoPro so much. I used to use a little point and shoot on a GorillaPod wrapped on the handlebars, but it never really stayed put and didn’t work that great.

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