Back on the Scooter Again

I didn’t want to steal the thunder from Pip Day yesterday, but I did take the youngsters scootering for the first time in quite some time yesterday (not counting our ill-fated, short mushy run up north on vacation).

Having just seen them hike for at least an hour twice a day, every day, for several days in a row I realized that I’ve probably been underestimating them. Also, I knew that my schedule wouldn’t allow us to go scootering again until Sunday at the earliest. With those two thoughts in mind I decided to push them a little farther than usual.

We went about 3.5 miles, which is the longest run we’ve had this spring. What I’m proud of is that this is the last minute and a half or so:

They’re tired and they’re not going to set any speed records, but they’re really hanging in there which makes me happy.

Tuesday, May 13th: 3.5 miles (cumulative 13.8 miles)

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