It’s Pip Day!

The first dog I had as an adult was a retired racing greyhound named Desire. She was a really fantastic dog.

Yes greyhounds can sit.

Yes greyhounds can sit.

When she died, my heart simply could not bear to get another greyhound and I started stalking Petfinder (the first time I had used this new-fangled Petfinder thing to find a dog) for the most un-greyhoundlike dogs I could find. That’s when I stumbled upon this sweet young thing:


Sadly, I cannot locate the actual picture that was on his profile, but it was very similar to the above photo except he was outside in the snow. I was at work, and I remember turning to a coworker and laughing “Oh my god LOOK AT THIS DOG.” And soon, this dog was my dog. My Pip, whose (approximated) birthday is today. It’s Pip Day!

We celebrated by going to his happiest place on earth (our wonderful dog park) to partake of his happiest activity on earth (fetching sticks from the water).



Look how happy and adorable he is. LOOK.

Later, he celebrated with pupcakes. Three pupcakes in his belly.

Nine candles. PIP IS NINE.

Nine candles. PIP IS NINE.


So here’s to my waveherder, my watchdog, my fuzziest and sweetest, most stalwart boy. Here’s to many more years together as an honorary Mush Puppy. Happy Pip Day!

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2 Responses to It’s Pip Day!

  1. sdrranger says:

    Happy Pip day to your wonderful little man 🙂 May you have another 9 years.

  2. Kali says:

    Happy Pip Day! He IS super adorable!

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