Haha Just Kidding About that Morning Stuff

So when I wrote my post yesterday, full of intentions to get up early today and take the dogs for a run, I had momentarily forgotten that what I would actually be doing was taking a slight departure from my normal routine to get up early to go to work.

As it turns out, while it was humid today it stayed overcast and quite a bit cooler than originally predicted and we were able to sneak in a short afternoon run.

The water break grazing was great, but the mosquitoes were INSANE. I think they all woke up yesterday.


And towards the end, this happened. You can’t hear it, but there were two barred owls having a hoot-off here and while the dogs couldn’t see them, they found the sounds fascinating. Even though they’re super distracted, I’m still fairly happy with how we are more or less still making forward progress.

Tuesday, May 27th: 2.5 miles (24.3 cumulative on the season)

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2 Responses to Haha Just Kidding About that Morning Stuff

  1. sdrranger says:

    Love Maisy just pulling/pushing Squash around to keep him on track lol

  2. mushbaby says:

    Right? I’m just going to repeat what I said elsewhere about her demonstrating her amazingness in this video: “I would say, ‘she’s the best’, except that she is actually something that a word does not exist to describe, something so far beyond ‘the best’ that it threatens to completely circumvent all known human vocabularies and end up lapping ‘the worst’ on its way back for a second helping of ‘the best’ and then still keep going.”

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