If I Just Stop Posting, the Mosquitoes Ate Us

I’m not kidding. My ON BYs have taken on a note of desperation, and god forbid one of the dogs has to poop. If we stop, if we so much as pause, we become engulfed. I wanted to take a longer run today, but they were SO bad that I had to cut things short; I think it’s going to be a tightrope walk for awhile between trying to avoid the worst of the mosquitoes and trying to run dogs early enough to stay ahead of the heat. Hopefully things will dry out as summer progresses and the little bastards will thin out.

Anyway. Bailing meant I did catch a little video of a fair COME AROUND. This is a skill they’re not super sharp at, but honestly on non-mosquito horde days I’m not super picky about how fast or efficiently they do this skill or in what direction they go (although they can do COME AROUND GEE and COME AROUND HAW if I remember to ask for it). I mostly just want it to get done without the line getting tangled – which does generally rely on a bit of line management from me. Apparently today they decided to sample a little bit of each direction, it’s hard to see but they get almost all the way around to the right, then zig over to the left.

Friday, May 30th: 2.5 miles (26.8 cumulative on the season)

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