Let Me Count the Maisy Ways

It’s February. We’ve had a week of 60s F weather, and the trails are *mostly* iced out although still pretty muddy So I swapped the skis out of and the scooter into the van and we’ve gotten out 3x this week. I can’t remember the last time I ran dogs 3 days in one week.

And once again I am reminded how awesome Maisy is. My little enforcer…

1. Drags his smug looking and not-at-all sorry face away from the tree he just blew an “on by” for.



2. Body blocks him when he sees some deer off the trail and wants to veer off.


3. Keeps body blocking while he gets his shit together.


4. Yet again, adding a little shove to the block.


5. Once more for the kids in the back, “I SAID WE’RE GOING ON BY THE DEER SQUASH”


6. She knows how to sneak a peek at the deer without breaking stride.



Also, I just really like this picture:


On the Pip front, he is continuing to do very well. We are about 7 weeks out from his surgery and so far so good. He got to go to the dog park today; with the heat wave we’ve been having the river has mostly iced out as well so he got a little water time, which I’m very grateful for. He doesn’t swim so much anymore but he loves to play in the water and I really wanted him to feel well long enough to get back at least once.



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