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It’s 6 am, Perfect Time for a Maisy Update

It’s done: Maisy had surgery yesterday for her torn cruciate. She had a TTA or tibial tuberosity advancement, a surgery which changes the geometry and forces acting on the knee during weight bearing and movement. This page has a nice, … Continue reading

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I haven’t been posting much lately. It’s been cool but humid, and our scootering has been intermittent at best. The forecast for the immediate future, though, has been cool, cool, cool and I had been getting excited for fall training. … Continue reading

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No We’re Not Dead, It’s Just Summer: 2014 Edition

What a strange trip this summer has been so far. It’s been unusually cool, which I enjoy very much. I’m not a fan of HEAT heat, and it’s been a good summer for being able to hang around outside for … Continue reading

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Free Play Fourth Friday!

You might ask yourself, “Self, what do the Mush Puppies DO on their day off?” It depends on the day, but often there is lots of free play in the backyard. This not only provides them with non-repetitive exercise that … Continue reading

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Desperation was the Mother AND Father of my Public Spectacle

My trails are still flooded. My dogs… really need to scooter. We’re all going slowly insane together despite my attempts to provide alternative entertainment and exercise. So today, driven to the very brink, I did something I never thought I … Continue reading

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Cani-Walking 4Ever?

After almost three weeks off from mushing and warming up with some walking in harness this week, I thought it was time to get the MPs back in front of the scooter. We haven’t been down to the Mendota Trail … Continue reading

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Back at Square One

The Mush Puppies are doing great, back to their old selves. They’ve had a good long stretch of R&R, since I rested them for about a week off before seeing the chiropractor, then I went out of town for the … Continue reading

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On the Mend

Well both the MPs have both been improving, and both saw the chiropractor today. As expected, Maisy needed some adjustments in her lower back and Squash needed some adjustments in his neck. They’ve been sleeping off and on since we’ve … Continue reading

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When last we met, Maisy was resting and I had big plans to continue working with Squash alone in front of the scooter. After he and I took the scooter for a walk last week, my next magical trick was … Continue reading

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