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And Just Like That…

Something very auspicious happened this week that got lost in the hustle and bustle of adapting to a new routine with a new puppy. Maisy has been using her leg normally for several weeks and was cleared for mushing at the … Continue reading

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Sorry for the silence lately, it’s been a quiet late fall and so-far winter around here. Maisy’s recovery and rehabilitation went great, she is using the leg normally and clear for normal activity. But I was down sick for several … Continue reading

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Pulling, Light

Maisy’s doing great, just about 5 weeks out from her surgery and allowed to do some pulling on leash as long as she isn’t “explosive.” We’re still doing multiple relatively short walks a day, up to about 20 minutes at … Continue reading

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Big White Mood Ring

So, Squash and I had a pretty mediocre run today. And It was pretty much all my fault. As I was taking the scooter out of the car, I dropped it. The scooter is fine, it would take a lot … Continue reading

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Pip is Shy

I don’t post that much about Pip here, but he is a beloved member of the Mush Puppy family and today I feel compelled to make a plea on behalf of his sanity. See, Pip is shy. And for some … Continue reading

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So, This Stuff Happened

Squash wants to kill the vacuum cleaner. He’s not afraid of it, quite the contrary; I’m pretty sure he sees it as a giant squeaky toy that makes even more obnoxiously exciting noises than actual squeaky toys. He can literally … Continue reading

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Achievement Unlocked: Full Loop

Squash and I have been taking baby steps towards scootering together without Maisy while she recovers. My immediate goal was to make one full loop with him around the road we’ve been training on without stopping. A year ago I … Continue reading

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Maisy Update: Overachiever Edition

Maisy had her first post-op (and, as it turns out, probably her last) appointment with a physical therapist this morning. She’s doing very, very well; the PT said where she is now in her recovery (almost 3 weeks) is typical … Continue reading

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Success, Measured in Minutes

Earlier this year, Maisy tweaked her back and was out for a bit. You may remember how I decided to take Squash out for a scooter run alone. It was kind of a cluster. So when Maisy tore her ACL, … Continue reading

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Slowly but Surely

Well it’s only 4 days out from surgery, but I feel like this morning Maisy turned a corner. She had been toe-touching a little bit with the leg on Friday and Saturday, then on Sunday (yesterday) morning she woke up … Continue reading

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