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Oh Cluster, My Cluster

Every once in awhile, when you’re pretty comfortable with how things are, something comes along that changes the game. Good, bad, or neutral, there’s no point in ignoring it. It’s just going to hang around, nibbling on  your status quo … Continue reading

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Safety First!

I broke my GorillaPod late last week. They don’t seem like the sort of thing one should be able to break, but unfortunately I have a superhuman ability to break stuff. I replaced it yesterday. Where I’m going with this … Continue reading

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Scooter Love

Well… I saw my first robin a couple of days ago, the final red-breasted nail in the coffin of the winter that wasn’t. But at least the trails are finally completely clear of  ice and snow, so when I leaned … Continue reading

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Lines, lines, and more lines.

So, I’m dying to get out on my skis. But if I can’t have enough snow to ski and skijor, I guess the next best thing is that what little snow we did have melted completely so that I could … Continue reading

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Getting Started, Part 1

When last we stepped out of the Wayback Machine, Squash had just joined our household. But the groundwork for our future together attached by a giant bungee against a backdrop of snow was being laid weeks before he actually came … Continue reading

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