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I haven’t been posting much lately. It’s been cool but humid, and our scootering has been intermittent at best. The forecast for the immediate future, though, has been cool, cool, cool and I had been getting excited for fall training. … Continue reading

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Deep Breaths, Shallow Expectations

Don’t panic, but something’s up with Maisy. She’s consistently been just a little “off” recently: Running a little unenthusiastically, with an uncharacteristic amount of slack in her line for uncharacteristically long stretches, and acting subdued in general around the house. … Continue reading

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You Mess With the Enforcer, You Get the Bump

I don’t normally run the dogs two days in a row, but yesterday was a short-ish run, it’s an absolutely beautiful day today, and we were all feeling good and energetic. So I decided to drive down to the Mendota … Continue reading

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It’s Maisy Day!

What can I even say about this dog? Maisy’s predecessor was a dog named Roxy. Roxy was one of The Great Ones, and the first dog I’d ever had who made me want to get the same breed again – … Continue reading

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There’s Going for a Ride, and then…

There’s going for a ride. It’s fall, and it’s cool, and the mush puppies are full of energy. And I was feeling quite smug when this happened. I had a moment when I almost turned around. I don’t like to … Continue reading

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The Value of “Useless,” or, You Just Never Know

This is a tale of two Mush Puppies. Maisy came to me as an approximately nine month old puppy with an unknown past beyond “pulled from a rural AC.” When I got her, I had no specific plans for her … Continue reading

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Oh Maisy, My Maisy

Today when I went scootering, I accidentally messed up the “mode” setting on my GoPro and it was taking pictures continuously when I thought it was taking video. It turned out to be a happy mistake, because I managed to … Continue reading

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Gush Puppies

I just love these dogs.   Here is part of why I love them so much. Maisy does not love skijoring as much as she loves scootering, especially when the snow is noisy. Yesterday, the snow was fresh and untrodden … Continue reading

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Their Better Halves

Sometimes I start to write blog posts in my head about events that haven’t actually happened yet. I’ll have a running commentary in my head along the lines of “when this happens, I’ll say this about it”. When, not if. … Continue reading

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Getting Started, Part 2: The Legend of Maisy

When I was an adult of mid-twenties-ish, my mother and I were talking in the aftermath of some thing that I don’t even specifically remember, although the gist was that I had done some major life thing in a weird … Continue reading

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