There’s Going for a Ride, and then…

There’s going for a ride.

It’s fall, and it’s cool, and the mush puppies are full of energy. And I was feeling quite smug when this happened. I had a moment when I almost turned around. I don’t like to bother people at the park, partially because it’s just not nice but partially because I don’t want to give anyone a reason to complain about me to the rangers. But then I figured, at some point I’m going to have to stop trying to avoid the challenge of passing people so let’s just try.

And then later, we went for a ride. And it makes me think back to the first time a squirrel ran across the path and the mush puppies took off after it into the woods, crashing the scooter into a tree and breaking Maisy’s leather collar clean in half. Oh, they also messed up the alignment of the front wheel that time. But my point is: Running off the trail = bad, but any day we stay on the trail is a good day.

Also, I have never said “Run it Out!” to my dogs in my life before this. They don’t know what it means, I don’t really know what it means, and I don’t even remember saying it. I think that I was probably so high on endorphins that I needed to just blurt something out. Sometimes I really crack myself up.

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