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Free Play Fourth Friday!

You might ask yourself, “Self, what do the Mush Puppies DO on their day off?” It depends on the day, but often there is lots of free play in the backyard. This not only provides them with non-repetitive exercise that … Continue reading

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Rainy Day Fun?

It rained today. All day, so far. Which is a good excuse for me to binge on streaming movies and video games … except for those dogs who think up stuff like this if they don’t get their pesky exercise … Continue reading

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On the Heartbreak Rollercoaster with the King… Yea, We Got it Made

A few days ago I was out with the Mush Puppies and a lovely gentleman exclaimed, “You’ve got it made!” as we skied by him. And honestly, at the time I wasn’t in a very good mood. Not in any … Continue reading

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A Brief Intermission

When Squash was wee and in his first obedience class, we learned the name game thusly: Say his name; if necessary, move closer and say his name again; if still necessary, lightly touch him while saying his name again; mark/reward … Continue reading

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It’s Too Hot to do Anything

I live in some kind of crazy opposite world. Summer is our season OFF. Enough said.

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The Value of “Useless,” or, You Just Never Know

This is a tale of two Mush Puppies. Maisy came to me as an approximately nine month old puppy with an unknown past beyond “pulled from a rural AC.” When I got her, I had no specific plans for her … Continue reading

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Good Night, Pesky Straps

Every once in awhile I peruse the list of search terms that bring people here to Mush, Baby! A lot of them make sense, and I’m actually quite glad to see things like how do I hook up my dog … Continue reading

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A Flurry of Firsts

I try to mix it up, but there are really only so many ways we can scooter around our familiar stomping grounds. Sure I can park in different spots so we don’t always start from the same place, take different … Continue reading

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Here we are, waiting for snow, when it decides to be 40F for the entire upcoming week. The only good thing I have to say about this is that (since Squash’s exercise restrictions have been lifted) all the trails might … Continue reading

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