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TGIMP (Thank God it’s Mush Puppies)

Today was a day that didn’t start out spectacularly. I live with generalized anxiety and depression, and while for the most part we have declared a truce today was the kind of day when it felt like they were considering … Continue reading

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It’s Pip Day!

The first dog I had as an adult was a retired racing greyhound named Desire. She was a really fantastic dog. When she died, my heart simply could not bear to get another greyhound and I started stalking Petfinder (the … Continue reading

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The Great Pip Experiment, Again

If we’re going to keep playing at this, I’m going to have to get Pip a harness that fits him. Be that as it may, we were fooling around in the alley again today. One thing I was pleased to … Continue reading

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The Great Pip Experiment

Recently, a friend asked me if I’d tried scootering with Pip. I never have put him in front of the scooter before, because Pip Doesn’t Care For Most Things and I always kind of assumed the scooter would fill him … Continue reading

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Free Wheel-in’ Pip

Sometimes when you get a new hammer, everything starts to look like a nail. And when your hammer is canicrossing and you’ve already gotten two dogs in the household involved, the third dog can start to look suspiciously like a … Continue reading

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