The Great Pip Experiment

Recently, a friend asked me if I’d tried scootering with Pip. I never have put him in front of the scooter before, because Pip Doesn’t Care For Most Things and I always kind of assumed the scooter would fill him with fear and loathing. But after my last post, the gears in my brain started turning. Would it be possible to run Pip and Maisy together in lead, with Squash in wheel?

So I decided to put Pip in a (horribly ill-fitting) harness and just see what happened. And this is the result. The video is long, but I left it pretty much unedited because I love how you can see a difference in him in just those four short minutes. I can’t believe how dang jolly he was, and how even though he was wary of the scooter he wasn’t so intimidated by it that it ruined his day.

Just a couple of notes. One, scootering in sandals… not really recommended. I didn’t think we were going to move at all so I wasn’t really in serious scooter mode.

Second, when I say DID YOU SEE THAT the camera was unfortunately too tilted down for you to see that a dude went dog scootering by the mouth of the alley on the sidewalk with a husky. I’ve seen him from time to time around the neighborhood (his rig is really more substantial than a scooter), but it’s always when I’m driving. I find it very amusing that he happened to go by at that moment, because I really never mush in the neighborhood anymore unless I’m experimenting with something like this, and the one time in months and months I’m running dogs in my own neighborhood I see him. Synchronicity, baby.

Anyway, if this ever progresses to anything we’ll have to get Pip his own harness which is not an insurmountable problem. The real obstacle will be transportation. I’m not sure three dogs and a scooter are going to fit in my little Ion. :/

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