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Living in the Liminal Space

Well, it’s been awhile. It’s been a year of ups and downs and changes and feelings and adapting, and while I haven’t been much in the writing mood I think it’s time for an update. First, we lost Pip in … Continue reading

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Coming into the End Zone

  After Pip had his spleen removed and we got the pathology report back, I promised him that he would never have to take a bath again. It seemed like a reasonable promise since the prognosis was about as bad … Continue reading

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Do the Thing, and Pip Update

Soon after I started scootering (probably that very first autumn) and before I had learned to bail safely from it,  I took a really bad tumble off the scooter and landed on my head. Fortunately I was wearing my helmet … Continue reading

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Just a Thing I Wrote About Pip

A little bit of his hair is in my eye, but I don’t really mind. This has become our bedtime ritual, he waits for me to get into bed and open my ereader before coming to my side of the … Continue reading

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Well, it’s 2017

It’s been pretty quiet around here. Like last winter, this winter has been stingy with the snow and a little too generous with the thaws, freezing rain, and ice. We’ve been skijoring a handful of times and hope to get … Continue reading

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Pip Day the 11th

  The second of our spring Mush Puppy birthdays is upon us, this time our honorary MP Pip.  So I suppose we might as well continue making 2016 the Year of Telling MPs’ Stories. The first dog I got as an … Continue reading

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Pip is Shy

I don’t post that much about Pip here, but he is a beloved member of the Mush Puppy family and today I feel compelled to make a plea on behalf of his sanity. See, Pip is shy. And for some … Continue reading

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TGIMP (Thank God it’s Mush Puppies)

Today was a day that didn’t start out spectacularly. I live with generalized anxiety and depression, and while for the most part we have declared a truce today was the kind of day when it felt like they were considering … Continue reading

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It’s Pip Day!

The first dog I had as an adult was a retired racing greyhound named Desire. She was a really fantastic dog. When she died, my heart simply could not bear to get another greyhound and I started stalking Petfinder (the … Continue reading

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The Great Pip Experiment, Again

If we’re going to keep playing at this, I’m going to have to get Pip a harness that fits him. Be that as it may, we were fooling around in the alley again today. One thing I was pleased to … Continue reading

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