Tug Post the Second: Shaky Edition

Today was our second run with the new tug line arrangement. The dogs worked really hard; partly because they were both – yay! –  pulling most of the way (occasionally Squashie fell back a bit and let his sister take over), partly because although it was cool the air was a bit humid, and partly because the ground was still soft from overnight rain which makes the scooter harder to pull. So they both earned themselves a second breakfast after we got home and rested a bit.

Anyway, here’s a video, which YouTube felt the need to inform me was shaky.  I didn’t feel the need to inform YouTube in return that was because reality had actually been shaky, but did politely decline the offer to fix it. Right after the (second!) flawlessly executed “haw” is where they really open up. ENJOY.

Unfortunately they kind of shot their wad here and pooped out shortly after the end of this video due to the aforementioned trio of factors.  When they are pooped out, they apparently become unable to resist the allure of the pheromones or mind spell or whatever it is given off by grass along the side of the path and our return trip to the car was punctuated numerous times by grazing and then getting untangled. In fact, eventually I think we spent more time grazing and untangling than running. Oh well, at least we got a lot of practice lining out and starting, and we’ll work on the conditioning and stamina.

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