Unanticipated Incidents Not in the Script

After my abysmally disappointing, unfocused attempts at getting race videos at the Loppet and Barkie Birkie, I broke down and bought a GoPro camera. I used it for the first time today, and it’s safe to say that I’m as much in love as it is possible to be in love with a tiny, inanimate object. Firstly, it is adorably wee. Secondly, it comes with an adorably wee protective casing and an overwhelming array of devices to mount it to nearly any body part or piece of equipment imaginable. Thirdly, it produces video like this:

There are many things about this video to love, not the least of which is that it makes me appear to be incredibly tall. Also it is in focus the whole time, which I am a fan of. The microphone is protected from the wind. And it actually looks like we are going fast.

Most of the videos I post, because they are edited to present certain things, make us look pretty smooth. Well, make the dogs look pretty smooth – I don’t really care if people see me fall. But it’s been awhile since I’ve posted bloopers, so in celebration of my new toy please enjoy our imperfections in all their glory. Don’t feel bad about laughing… the public embarrassment will help keep us humble.



Et tu, Maisy? Et tu? SHE’S THE GOOD ONE AT ON BY.



This is my annoyed voice.



Squash has a deer on the brain… the deer that casually strolled off into the horizon as we were getting ready to head out. I guess we WERE going that way and I just didn’t know it.



I think the title pretty much speaks for itself here.

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