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Pride Cometh Before the Bikejor

Well, I was that person today. That. Person. The one with the unruly dogs who really, really wanted to greet another dog that didn’t want to be greeted while I struggled to get them under control. Rewind. This spring has … Continue reading

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Just Keep Mushing

Fall training has been up and down this year. Towards the end of the summer, Squash pulled a muscle in his shoulder during an off leash hike that required rest for several weeks. Subsequently, he re-injured it at agility and … Continue reading

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Big White Mood Ring

So, Squash and I had a pretty mediocre run today. And It was pretty much all my fault. As I was taking the scooter out of the car, I dropped it. The scooter is fine, it would take a lot … Continue reading

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Why do We Fall?

It’s ok to fall. According to my yoga instructor, anyway, and I think she’s right. Because really, once you take embarrassment out of the equation falling just teaches you how to avoid falling again next time. And since hardly anyone … Continue reading

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Unanticipated Incidents Not in the Script

After my abysmally disappointing, unfocused attempts at getting race videos at the Loppet and Barkie Birkie, I broke down and bought a GoPro camera. I used it for the first time today, and it’s safe to say that I’m as … Continue reading

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A Brief Segment Containing Embarrassing and/or Humorous Errors

That is, Bloopers. In Which “Line Out” Practice Fails In Which Squash is Overcome by Silliness In Which “On By!” Is Ignored In Which “Come Around” is Flubbed but Ultimately Redeemed

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