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Back at Square One

The Mush Puppies are doing great, back to their old selves. They’ve had a good long stretch of R&R, since I rested them for about a week off before seeing the chiropractor, then I went out of town for the … Continue reading

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Deep Breaths, Shallow Expectations

Don’t panic, but something’s up with Maisy. She’s consistently been just a little “off” recently: Running a little unenthusiastically, with an uncharacteristic amount of slack in her line for uncharacteristically long stretches, and acting subdued in general around the house. … Continue reading

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Rainy Day Fun?

It rained today. All day, so far. Which is a good excuse for me to binge on streaming movies and video games … except for those dogs who think up stuff like this if they don’t get their pesky exercise … Continue reading

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Hail the Victorious Skijorer (and the Premack Principle)

Oh, the power of the Premack Principle (which, by the way, is named after Mr. David Premack and not for a mack that is somehow being preceded). Remember our nemesis, the On By Tree? We have conquered it thusly: How? … Continue reading

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The Inescapable Agent of Someone’s Downfall

That’s what the dictionary tells me a “nemesis” is. I’m someone. And my nemesis is a tree. I’m not big on resolutions but I have vowed that by the end of this skijoring season we WILL glide smoothly ON BY … Continue reading

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But What If…? or, Coming Down

One of the most asked questions I get from people who are curious about trying skijoring is “but what if they don’t listen and try to chase something irresistible?” These are people who understand that dogs (and apparently my dogs … Continue reading

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There’s Going for a Ride, and then…

There’s going for a ride. It’s fall, and it’s cool, and the mush puppies are full of energy. And I was feeling quite smug when this happened. I had a moment when I almost turned around. I don’t like to … Continue reading

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