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Destination Known: Second Annual Fall Mushing Vacay

It’s that time of year, the slow season up North when it’s too late for trails to be used for horseback riding but too soon for them to be used for snowmobiling and skiing. The perfect time of year to … Continue reading

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April Skijors Bring…. something something.

In the weeks following my last post, enough snow eventually melted to break out the scooter for a couple of runs. Although the dirt trails were still way too muddy for the scooter (deep, sucking, wheels-can’t-turn muddy rather than simply … Continue reading

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“Are You Bringing the Scooter?”

That wasn’t how my fall vacation started, but it was how my fall vacation began.  It started several weeks before my husband asked that question, when I made reservations to rent a cabin high, high up on Minnesota’s Gunflint Trail for … Continue reading

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