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Round Peg, Square Hole

I had an epiphany recently. I belong to a few Facebook musher’s exchange groups, which are great places to find used equipment of all kinds. They are mostly dominated by sledders, but every once in awhile some scooter/skijor/mushbaby-appropriate gear comes … Continue reading

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A Brief Intermission

When Squash was wee and in his first obedience class, we learned the name game thusly: Say his name; if necessary, move closer and say his name again; if still necessary, lightly touch him while saying his name again; mark/reward … Continue reading

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Oh, Summer

Oh, summer. Between the awful heat wave, being on vacation, covering other people’s vacations, Squash’s PT and chiropractic appointments, and all the usual business of ordinary day to day life, we’ve barely done any scootering for several weeks. It’s becoming … Continue reading

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The Value of “Useless,” or, You Just Never Know

This is a tale of two Mush Puppies. Maisy came to me as an approximately nine month old puppy with an unknown past beyond “pulled from a rural AC.” When I got her, I had no specific plans for her … Continue reading

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Hot Ham Water

Squash had his first official session on the underwater treadmill today (last week at his initial consultation he spent just a short time in/on it to see how he would do). Par for the Squash Course, he started out with … Continue reading

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So both the dogs had an evaluation with a veterinary physical therapy team today. I had a few minor concerns about Squash’s gait, and he had been running a little unenthusiastically lately, and I’d been tossing the idea around lately … Continue reading

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Benefit of the Doubt

In my middle age, I’ve developed a fairly significant tree pollen allergy. Anyone living in Minnesota will therefore understand the depth of my addiction to mushing when I say I willingly – nay, enthusiastically – took my dogs out to … Continue reading

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Oh Maisy, My Maisy

Today when I went scootering, I accidentally messed up the “mode” setting on my GoPro and it was taking pictures continuously when I thought it was taking video. It turned out to be a happy mistake, because I managed to … Continue reading

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Gush Puppies

I just love these dogs.   Here is part of why I love them so much. Maisy does not love skijoring as much as she loves scootering, especially when the snow is noisy. Yesterday, the snow was fresh and untrodden … Continue reading

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A Flurry of Firsts

I try to mix it up, but there are really only so many ways we can scooter around our familiar stomping grounds. Sure I can park in different spots so we don’t always start from the same place, take different … Continue reading

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