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Two ON BYs and a WAIT Walk into a Bar…

…and the bartender says, “Is this some kind of joke?” Chronologically, this is the second of three noteworthy things that happened today, but I’m putting it first because it’s probably the most crowd-pleasing and I like to open with a … Continue reading

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If I Just Stop Posting, the Mosquitoes Ate Us

I’m not kidding. My ON BYs have taken on a note of desperation, and god forbid one of the dogs has to poop. If we stop, if we so much as pause, we become engulfed. I wanted to take a … Continue reading

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Hundreds of Runs to Greet the Dawn

Well, warm and (more significantly) humid summer has arrived relatively abruptly around here over the last several days and everyone but the cats was lying around like this by 11 am today: Which means early morning runs are on the … Continue reading

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You Mess With the Enforcer, You Get the Bump

I don’t normally run the dogs two days in a row, but yesterday was a short-ish run, it’s an absolutely beautiful day today, and we were all feeling good and energetic. So I decided to drive down to the Mendota … Continue reading

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TGIMP (Thank God it’s Mush Puppies)

Today was a day that didn’t start out spectacularly. I live with generalized anxiety and depression, and while for the most part we have declared a truce today was the kind of day when it felt like they were considering … Continue reading

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Rainy Day AND Monday

I thought I could sneak in a scooter run before the predicted rain hit today. I was wrong. Maybe 1/2 way through our run a light drizzle started. Then at about 2/3 of the way through our run, it started … Continue reading

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Back on the Scooter Again

I didn’t want to steal the thunder from Pip Day yesterday, but I did take the youngsters scootering for the first time in quite some time yesterday (not counting our ill-fated, short mushy run up north on vacation). Having just … Continue reading

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That’ll Do, Trail. That’ll Do.

It was raining yesterday morning when I got up, so I ended up going to a yoga class instead of running the dogs because I knew the trail would be muddy. But then it cleared up and stayed sunny and … Continue reading

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New Season, New Trail: Videos

Here’s a couple of videos from our new trail. This is right near the start, a nice HAW ! And so many things to love about this. Nicely lined out, a waiting nicely and a good start. And not fazed … Continue reading

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Reconnaissance Musher

Over the winter we tried out a new skijoring trail that initially I adored. As the season wore on, though, it turned out not to be the greatest for skate skiing. It wasn’t groomed, and that was fine at the … Continue reading

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