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We Plan, Dogs Laugh

I think we all make plans for our dogs, from humble to grand. Plans that might work out or might get sidelined by health, temperament, time, training, or other circumstances. I’d like to think I do my best to roll … Continue reading

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Long Time, No See: New Adventures Edition

It’s been forever since I posted. Mostly because raising a puppy has been a time suck, and partially because of some (now resolved) dog health issues that came up. I’ve been scootering on and off with Squash and Maisy as … Continue reading

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And Just Like That…

Something very auspicious happened this week that got lost in the hustle and bustle of adapting to a new routine with a new puppy. Maisy has been using her leg normally for several weeks and was cleared for mushing at the … Continue reading

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Big White Mood Ring

So, Squash and I had a pretty mediocre run today. And It was pretty much all my fault. As I was taking the scooter out of the car, I dropped it. The scooter is fine, it would take a lot … Continue reading

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So, This Stuff Happened

Squash wants to kill the vacuum cleaner. He’s not afraid of it, quite the contrary; I’m pretty sure he sees it as a giant squeaky toy that makes even more obnoxiously exciting noises than actual squeaky toys. He can literally … Continue reading

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Achievement Unlocked: Full Loop

Squash and I have been taking baby steps towards scootering together without Maisy while she recovers. My immediate goal was to make one full loop with him around the road we’ve been training on without stopping. A year ago I … Continue reading

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Success, Measured in Minutes

Earlier this year, Maisy tweaked her back and was out for a bit. You may remember how I decided to take Squash out for a scooter run alone. It was kind of a cluster. So when Maisy tore her ACL, … Continue reading

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No We’re Not Dead, It’s Just Summer: 2014 Edition

What a strange trip this summer has been so far. It’s been unusually cool, which I enjoy very much. I’m not a fan of HEAT heat, and it’s been a good summer for being able to hang around outside for … Continue reading

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Desperation was the Mother AND Father of my Public Spectacle

My trails are still flooded. My dogs… really need to scooter. We’re all going slowly insane together despite my attempts to provide alternative entertainment and exercise. So today, driven to the very brink, I did something I never thought I … Continue reading

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Deep Breaths, Shallow Expectations

Don’t panic, but something’s up with Maisy. She’s consistently been just a little “off” recently: Running a little unenthusiastically, with an uncharacteristic amount of slack in her line for uncharacteristically long stretches, and acting subdued in general around the house. … Continue reading

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