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Pip Day the 11th

  The second of our spring Mush Puppy birthdays is upon us, this time our honorary MP Pip.  So I suppose we might as well continue making 2016 the Year of Telling MPs’ Stories. The first dog I got as an … Continue reading

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Maisy is 8

And I think I’ve told her story before, but since I’ve been so bad at updating and I’ve been feeling so sentimental lately I’m going to tell it again as penance. It hasn’t always been easy for Maisy and I to … Continue reading

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Squashgility: Timing is Everything

I’ve been horribly neglectful of the blog but in my defense the winter here has been pretty crappy for skijoring so there hasn’t been THAT much to write about. The temperatures, amount of snow (or lack thereof), and my work … Continue reading

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Toast is One

Actually his birthday was yesterday. But it took me some time to pull all my musings together into coherent enough thoughts to write this. Toast came into my life during a time of growing concern among people who love his … Continue reading

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Fall Update

I’ve been pretty neglectful of the blog while I’ve been raising and training a Toast, among other things. I do try to post pictures regularly on our Facebook page (Mush Puppies) in case anyone missed us too much. Toast is … Continue reading

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Forgetfulness and Laziness: Parents of (my) Invention

Recently my husband and I took the mushvan for a short road trip, an opportunity I used to clean it out very thoroughly which meant temporarily moving all the gear onto the back porch. Usually if I forget to put … Continue reading

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We Plan, Dogs Laugh II

So, that was humbling. But back to mushing. As chronicled elsewhere, my original 3-dog plans had to be shuffled around a little but it seemed we had found our sweet spot. I thought everyone was happy and all was well. … Continue reading

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Of “Max” and Malinois

So I saw the movie “Max” today, the one about the military dog who suffers PTSD after his handler is killed in action. It’s a tale of good guys, bad guys, healing, and redemption, but there’s (rightly) a lot of … Continue reading

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We Plan, Dogs Laugh

I think we all make plans for our dogs, from humble to grand. Plans that might work out or might get sidelined by health, temperament, time, training, or other circumstances. I’d like to think I do my best to roll … Continue reading

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Long Time, No See: New Adventures Edition

It’s been forever since I posted. Mostly because raising a puppy has been a time suck, and partially because of some (now resolved) dog health issues that came up. I’ve been scootering on and off with Squash and Maisy as … Continue reading

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